Shooting is a vital part of the game. In these sessions, we break down the mechanics of the shot to the shooter and help correct any flaws in their slap shot, wrist shot, one-timer, or snapshot to ensure maximum force and accuracy.

These sessions are offered both On-ice and Off-ice. Our Off-ice sessions are held in our state-of-the-art Training System, RapidShot. There are 8 pass speeds and intervals for all skill levels to train snap shot, wrist shot, backhand and one-timers. RapidShot is the only professional shooting system in the world that measures accuracy, shot speed and reaction time, leading the way in hockey skills training and analytics.

Session Length: 30 Minutes

Pucks Shot: Between 175-400

In-House - AA Shooters on Shoes

AAA - Professional Shooters on Skates


To Improve: Agility, Maneuverability, Balance, Change of Direction, Control. Speed and Power are the key qualities to becoming a superior skater. Our unique approach focuses on the foundation of all skating skills – awareness, control and mastery of edges. All of the defining qualities of a Hockey Players ability, are built upon this solid foundation.

As a player’s skating ability improves his other hockey skills such as shooting, passing, stick handling, checking and body contact also improve dramatically. To develop the caliber of hockey by creating a good Skater, it is necessary to improve overall stride technique, quickness, conditioning, and to get STRONGER AND FASTER!!!!!

Session Length: 30-45 Minutes

Monday, Tuesday, Friday: 2:15-3pm / 3:00-3:45pm / 3:45-4:30pm

Wednesday: 3-3:30pm / 3:30-4pm / 4-4:45pm

Thursday: 2:30-3pm / 3-3:30pm / 3:30-4pm / 4-4:45pm



1 Session / $50.00 Per Session

5 Sessions /  $44.00 Per Session -   BUY NOW

10 Sessions /  $42.00 Per Session - BUY NOW

1 Session / $40.00 Per Session  -    BUY NOW
5 Sessions / $33.00 Per Session -   BUY NOW
10 Sessions / $31.00 Per Session - BUY NOW
Group Session 30.00 + 11.00 Rink Fee
Private Session 40.00 + 11.00 Rink Fee