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Explore each of our on-ice and off-ice options below.

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Off-Ice Programs


Off-ice shooting

This is a must attend program for all players regardless of age or skill level. Let NXT Level instructors take you through 5 private shooting lessons to help you improve your shooting, goal scoring ability, and overall stick skills.

Cost: $40-$50

On-Ice Programs


Skill Sessions

These sessions focus on skating with pucks, dekes, shooting, scoring, one-timers, and every aspect of the game that matters.

Cost: $50 + Rink Fee


Power skating Sessions

To Improve: Agility, Maneuverability, Balance, Change of Direction, Control. Speed and Power are the key qualities to becoming a superior skater. Our unique approach focuses on the foundation of all skating skills – awareness, control and mastery of edges. All of the defining qualities of a Hockey Players ability, are built upon this solid foundation.

As a player’s skating ability improves his other hockey skills such as shooting, passing, stick handling, checking and body contact also improve dramatically. To develop the caliber of hockey by creating a good Skater, it is necessary to improve overall stride technique, quickness, conditioning, and to get STRONGER AND FASTER!!!!!

Cost: $50

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